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Bottled: A Guide to Creating Your Own Terrarium

Terrariums- miniature container gardeners invented in the Victorian era and popular in the 70s are back again, filling insta feeds and Pinterest boards. They’re also for sale in lots of interior design and plant shops for hefty prices. But it’s pretty easy to make your own terrarium without spending too much cash, and I’ve made this zine to encourage you to do that. With advice on what plants to pick, what equipment you’ll need, how to plant up your container and care advice you too can have a garden in a bottle worthy of some lifestyle blogger, but without having to fork out £££s.

A5, 10 pages, b&w printing on green paper, hand stitched binding.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a professional gardener but the content is based on advice that’s worked for terrariums I’ve made that have been happily growing away for over a year now.)