Does What It Says On The Tin: A Gin In a Tin Review Zine


Pre-mixed drinks in a tin are surely one of the best inventions of modern times and have saved many a tedious journey or picnic for many of us. Stick your twee, gin in a teacup bullshit, gin in a tin is not messing about.

As they’ve grown in popularity, more and more options are available. I feel like I’ve become a bit of an oficianado when it comes to pre mixed gin and tonic (or gin in a tin) as I like to call it, so I decided to make this zine. It looks at a range of premixed drinks, reviewing them based on their taste, appearance and value for money.

This is a 12 page zine that has been risograph printed in Brighton by the excellent Dopple Press, using hunter green ink (so in keeping with the international colour of gin, green), so there will be slight variations in the print from zine to zine.

Copies of this zine are available via my Etsy shop.

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I made a zine….

A couple of weeks ago, I visited my parents. My old bedroom there has become a bit of a storage space for things the rest of my family no longer want. Amongst the detritus I found a copy of Men’s Health magazine (I think it belonged to my sister’s boyfriend…). Content wise, it was pretty odious, and bored, with nothing better to do I chopped it up and made this collage mini-zine in a hour or two.¬†Due to the no budget nature of production, the folding, cutting and stapling are all wonky as fuck but if you’d like a free copy, give me a shout via twitter or in the comments here or whatever.