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‘Me I.R.L.’ Comic Included in ‘On Anxiety: An Anthology’

A comic I drew, ‘Me I.R.L.’ was included in this excellent anthology about anxiety published by 3 of Cups Press. I also designed the grumpy cloud badge design that was given away to Kickstarter funders.

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This July I went on a little holiday to Glasgow, the Isle of Bute and Newcastle, had a great time and decided to make a zine about it. Amongst other things, the zine features stuff on getting the sleeper train from London to Glasgow, an ode to all the amazing carbs I ate, what happens when a bunch of radical librarians end up in a karaoke bar, what I think Metro Ken from the Newcastle Metro looks like, why you should visit Bute, and the recipe for a Buckfast negroni.

This zine is available via my Etsy shop.